Hi, I am dog Juanes, named after the famous Colombian singer, composer and philanthropist rock star. I work as a therapy dog and as a model. But you my friend, just discovered my secret identity as dog detective. I am now currently emBARKed on a mission PAWssible to investigate why if we are man’s best friends there are so few songs dedicated to us.

So far what I have been able to find out about our best humans friends is that they commit a lot of C.R.I.M.E.S (Careless, Reparable, Inattentive Mistakes Everywhere Sinlessly)

If you have any theories as to why singers often leave us song less I will like to hear about it, but most importantly I will like to help them repair their mistake.

This is how you, my furry friend can help me … ask  your pet parent to 1. Give us your name and your pawprint by having your pet parent describe your unique personality. 2. In my case, I am asking a song from my favorite singer Juanes but please ask your pet parent(s) which other singer they will like to request a song  3. Gift us an statement to coax Juanes to dedicate a song …or two to us.

NOTE: your pet parent can check the page “My K-9 family” to get the idea.