My Friends

My name is BROWNY!! My parents were not as creative when they named me but I do love my name! I’m more quiet and reserved. Some may say that I’m a cat in a dog’s body. I don’t bark but I make up for it with my energy and love for my parents. I like to observe them and see them spend time with us. I patiently wait for my turn when it is time for treats but when I get them I can’t contain my excitement since I love them so much. My parents have put us in a gluten free diet, so I now don’t get the treats I used to enjoy but I’m starting to love the new ones. I would also love to have a song dedicated to me and I think the group I must choose is Coldplay!!

My name is ROXY! I’m a chihuahua and Russel terrier mix. I’m a delicate flower and I can also get my way with my parents with my cute looks. I have learned to stand up for myself around my brother and sister who try to push me around, but I have found my voice and I let them hear it as I bark. I love spending time with my parents and I’m so excited when I see them that I can’t contain myself where my entire body shakes. They know how much I love them and in case they forget, I make sure to lick them every chance I get so they can be reassured of my love. Even in my older years now of 11 I have so much energy that I love to run around. I would be honored if my favorite group, Maroon 5 could dedicate a song for me since I love Adam sooooooo much!!! He is so cute and I can’t wait to hear him sing for me! I do agree that we need more dog songs and I hope Juanes, also a cutie can hear our barks and dedicate a song to us dogs!!

Hi, my name is ROMEO ! I was rescued by my parents 9 years ago and was given the name Romeo since I live with two beautiful ladies, Roxy and Browny! I am very lovable and I love to speak to my parents and I think they sometimes do understand what I’m saying to them. It has been a lot of fun roaming in the big yard with my two ladies and relaxing at home when my parents come home from work. I do think I’m their favorite but they won’t admit to this. I do help them relax when they come home since I have a calming personality and I like to cuddle next to them as we enjoy a show. I have so much fun when they take me out for walks and I like to smell everything! I would love to have a song dedicated to my wonderful nature by my favorite artist, Adele!! I just melt when I hear her wonderful voice and I think she can write a dog song for me. For Juanes, I do have faith that you will hear our barks and dedicate a song for us!

Hi !, I am PEPPER. I am Ginger’s husband, also a Minnie Shnauzer. We live  with our daughter Leah. I’m like a grumpy old man. I am always waiting for my wife to come home. She seems to be a workaholic, I guess she loves so much being a therapy dog that she wants to be doing it all the time, also because she is the only bread/treat cookie winner and she needs to earn them for the 3 of us.

I love to watch The Animal Planet every night, and I  listen to Smooth Jazz with Bonnie James. My mom told me once that she was dancing with him while he played his Saxophone at Catalina Island Jazz Festival.

I would love to have a Jazz song composed for dogs so I can relax listen and relax at home while waiting for my wife. And I know Juanes you also like the blues…so I don’t feel so lonely and blue when I at home without my wife please compose us (dogs) a Jazzy Rocky song.

Hello !, My name is LEAH and I was the runt of seven puppies. Of course also a Shnauzer a mini, mini One. I was named after Princess Leah on Star Wars. My parents (both furry and not) wanted  me to believe that although I was not the strongest one of my litter in body, I was to be admire, respected and powerful. I like to collect squicky toys and walk around with them in my mouth. I do feel The Queen of the galaxy and as such I will like to order John Towner William’s who is the greatest composer in the universe to compose a song for dogs; and Juanes I know you can also compose an epic song for us. Come on find the source to inspire you. I suggest You have a serious talk with YODA.

Hello !, My name is CASSIDY,

I love to run. I like to collect toys and to be truthful I don’t really like to share them with anybody.

I am happy to be a spoiled, little moody only furry child. I am not only very cute but also very smart. I have taught my self to open doors. Specially I like the unbolted pantry one.

My favorite singer, song writer is David John Matthews (AKA Dave Matthews). I will love for him to compose a song for us and then play it on his guitar.

I was amazed when I read an article about him at titled: IS DAVE MATTHEWS A DOG? (published 9/15/2011)

The author describes how she became a fan of Dave Matthews Band:

“For years, my friend Stacie, encouraged (practically begged) me to listen to the Dave Matthews Band. She was a huge fan and had been for many years. I heard the occasional DMB song on the radio, but didn’t pay it much attention, neither liking it nor disliking it. But Stacie is very persistent and for some reason, she knew that this music would resonate with me. How she knew that, I do not know…but she did.

Eventually I gave in and downloaded “The Best of What’s Around” off of iTunes. And I did like what I heard. But this was not good enough for Stacie. She now felt that I needed to “experience” DMB. To her, the magic of this band was in their live performances. I have later discovered that DMB is to their fans, what the Grateful Dead was to their fans. And actually many of those old Grateful Dead fans are DMB followers. So Stacie gave me several copies of live DMB concerts on CD. They were OK, but you couldn’t follow the lyrics and there was a lot of jamming, of which I have never been a big fan. Regardless, I was becoming a fan and expanded my DMB CD collection and began to get a feel for the style of the band and the message and sincerity of Dave Matthew’s lyrics. Next in Stacie’s master plan was a live show. And she did that with a bang. My first DMB concert was at Alpine Valley and I was smack dab in the middle of the experience. We were in general seating, right in front of the stage. It was a mass of people, all standing, dancing, and singing at the top of their lungs. We were just off center stage and about 5 rows back. Simply put, it was phenomenal! In addition to good music and lyrics, this band performs and the joy of performing their music is evident. And this is most apparent in the band leader himself. He plays, sings, and dances with wild abandon. If you’d like to see some fun examples of this, just put ‘Dave Matthews dancing’ in YouTube search.

Stacie has completed her mission of turning me into a DMB fan. My husband now regrets the day I met Stacie because he really gets tired of hearing the music. As you can guess, he is NOT a DMB fan. I know he wonders how his usually very serious and focused wife (at this time, I was still running a fairly good size medical practice) became such a fan of this band, who’s fans resemble Dead Heads. His conservative wife who rarely did more than sway a little bit now and again during live band performances was now dancing freely (albeit poorly…think Elaine on Seinfeld) every chance she got. And truthfully, I was wondering the same thing…what was it about this band that resonated with me?

The truth of it hit me as I have been considering “The Art of Being a Dog”. It struck me that Dave Matthews is very dog-like. Perhaps that is why I was so drawn to the band’s music and performances. The lyrics ring of living in the moment, living without regret, and pursuing personal happiness. One of my favorite songs, “Lie in Our Graves” speaks to the joys of simple pleasures such as splashing in the water and then ends with the thoughts of “I can’t believe that we would lie in our graves wondering if we had spent our days well. I can’t believe that we would lie in our graves thinking of things we might have been”. It is a song of no regrets.

And to watch the band perform, it is very reminiscent of dogs at play. No one up there is worrying about their appearance. They are lost in the moment and the joy of what they are doing is evident on their faces. It is the same type of expression I see when I watch a group of dogs. They are lost in the moment and the joy on their faces is evident.

So maybe my sudden love of DMB is not so strange. Perhaps it is the soundtrack of my evolution. For those of you that have watched my dog videos on Facebook, you have probably heard DMB playing in the background. What you do not see in the videos is the woman behind the camera who is slowly melting away years of worrying, regrets, and anticipation. You do not see her getting lost in the moment and busting out a wacky dance move every now and again. But it is happening and it is joyful! Thank you Stacie.”

Hello !, My name is LUNA, an Australian Cattle Country Girl Dog. My favorite things are snacks (specially ham) and belly rubs. I am a believer on working hard and playing hard. I work as a guard dog and I am very serious and good at protecting my yard, even from gophers. Sometimes I have built very fancy tunnels trying to chase them out.

Since I want my human, horse loving family to be very proud of me, I pretend all I do is work, so I only play with my stuffed animal toys when they are not around.

However, they know I keep myself in a very good shape playing along the chain link fence with three male furry friends: Henry, Leroy and Petey.

My favorite singer and song writer is LUKE BRYAN, and I know he will be more than happy to compose us dogs a song because I have been told of his love for Chocolate. Well Luna, what is wrong with you ?, you might be asking… What does love for chocolate have to do with for love for dogs ?…I will tell you my friends in case you did not know, his best canine friend is Choc, an adorable Chocolate Labrador. Now Luke I want to be your favorite Country Girl, come on, gift us dogs a song and I  promise I will shake and wag my tail to the moon for ever (since my name is LUNA, Spanish for the word MOON,I am used to do that every night ), and I will also have the birds, the bees and all the critters, squirrels and gophers in my yard shake and wag their tails too, when we listen to the song you are going to compose for us.

And Juanes, I also now of your love for Lunas, because your eldest daughter’s name is Luna, so I am sure the critters sounds on my yard and the moonlight can give you some inspiration to also compose a song for us hard working country dogs.

Hi !, I am AMELIA, a multi-mix breed with lots of love to give. When I first came to live with my aviation family: my mom Linda, my brothers Jet and Pilot I was not sure if their home was going to be my forever home so I wanted to run away. However, on a very short time I started to feel their love and now I am so happy I want to fly no where. My mom actually says I am a homebody as I am the happiest when I am relaxing and playing with my favorite toys while listening to my rambunctious brothers play with each other.

I was named after AMELIA EARHART, an American famous pilot, whom was the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean but whom unfortunately mysteriously disappeared in 1937 during an attempt to fly around the world.

May be, because I am afraid of getting lost like the adventurous Amelia I was named after, I really don’t like to go places, I get car sickness. Because of that I will like SAM LOWRY HUNT, American Singer and songwriter to write us dogs a song.

I feel he already dedicated his song “House Party” to me, some of the lyrics really fit me: “If you want to be a homebody, we’ll have a house party”…”You don’t want to come out, but you don’t want to be alone”…”Whatever you got on, girl, stay in it. You ain’t gotta leave the house to have a good time” “I am going to bring the good times home to you””We’ll wake up all the neighbors till the whole block hates us and the cops show up and try to shut us down”… how fun is that !

How fun is that Juanes !, I dare you to compose us dog a song, I will not have to leave the house to listen to it because my mom will leave the radio on…. and it will playing all day long while I am waiting for her and my brothers to come from training and working very hard with all the Rim of the World therapy teams.

Hello !, My name is EMMA,

I am a Yorkie. I love to go on boat rides. My best friend is my 2 year old human sister. I am teaching her to take me on walks. I love to sleep in the sun listening to my favorite country music.

I will love Luke Bryan to write us dog a song. He could write one about me me, happily riding on my boat.

And Juanes I am sure I can inspire you to write me a song: Cute Emma, the little furry Captain on a boat, barking outloud for songs she goes …

I am Henry Labradoddle,

I like to chew. I love to go for walks, sniffing everything on my way.

When I am at home I make sure I keep the yard safe from squirrels and to say hello loudly to the mail man. My best playmate is my brother cat, and he has taught me how to take cat naps. My dad has been teaching how to turn on the instant pot so I can help him get dinner ready.

I like to listen to The Beatles music and I will like Paul McCartney to compose a song for us. His dog “Jet”, a black Labrador already provided the tittle for one of his songs and his old Sheepdog Martha for The Beatles song “Martha My Dear”

So Juanes rock star, I hope as Paul you can find some inspiration on me: Henry Labradoddle and my brother cat.

Hello, I am GIGI SIERRA.

My parents say I am the happiest, sweetish dog they have ever meet. I am usually smiling with my wagging tail, and loving our cats.

I am a magnet for all kind of pillows, and make no mistake: if you see me like in this pictures of mine. You will think I am taking naps, but I am not. Actually I have learned to practice yoga with my mom, listening to the beautiful music of SNATAM KAUR, American singer, song writer, peace activist and author. I will like Snatam Kaur to compose me a song. I am sure if she visits the bark4songs website and looks at my pictures she will be inspire by my golden luminous fur and peaceful aura.

And Juanes, for you, it will be the same… my radiant positive energy…will open your heart to doggie friendly melodies that will help everybody relax …

Hi everybody !

We are MILOH and ZEUS.

We are brothers and both compete to be our mom’s favorite lap dog. Miloh’s favorite activity is to play outside accompany his dog human family in the garden while Zeus loves to share with them apples and begs to get his belly rubs.

Hello !, My name is LUA, a Weimaraner. The things I love in life is to eat, sleep, eat, sleep, go hiking with my human parents, sleep, eat, sleep, sleep, sleep, sleep, eat, eat, sleep, sleep, wait for the weekend so I can go hiking again, then come home, sleep, sleep some more, eat, and eat. Therefore the music I like the most is classical music, it helps me dream about my next hiking adventure and relax. Thanks Steven Current for thinking about us…

For my song petition I  did my google search and I found  my name twin  ADRIANA LUA, Brazilian  singer and composer, I listened to her music and loved it and I am going to ask her for a song for us hiking dogs, then I will ask my parents to take me to Brazil to the next Carnival and then we will go hiking up to Christ The Redeemer singing the song we are barking for.

Then Juanes, I will need your song to ask my parents to take my hiking to Monserrate in Bogota,Colombia, how about that?