My K-9 Family

My name is SHAKIRA a mix chihuahua with mini black Labrador looks. My mom thinks I have some cat genes on my DNA because I am very independent, I like to climb trees and I like to be petted but only on my terms, when I feel like it.

-I think humans don’t dedicate songs to us because they are too busy writing songs to their human lovers. You see relationships between humans are a lot more complicated, confusing … so that is all their brains can think of.

-I will love SHAKIRA The Colombian Superstar to gift us a song and then go on a duo concert with Juanes to sing the songs we are barking for … what an amazing show that is going to be…

I am SOMBRA, a mix chihuahua with mini Beagle looks. Everybody says I am really, really cute. In my doggie family we are 7, my mom sometimes call us my 7 dwarfs, and she calls me “My Sleepy Beauty”

-I think humans don’t write songs to us because they take us for granted. I will like CARLOS VIVES, another Colombian celebrity singer to gift us a song..or two.

-Juanes I dare you to compose us a song or two … l will ask some of my doggie angel friends waiting close to the rainbow bridge for the human masters to meet them, to come to you on your dreams to give you some inspiration.

Hi, I am HAPPY. I am too busy playing to think about why in the thousands of years that we have friends with our human fellows they have not compose more songs to us … but I would love MALUMA to Colombian singer and songwriter give us a Reggaeton or two…

-I Like him because if he is the Pretty Boy, I am happy to say: I am the pretty girl black Lhasa Apso with a white heart mark on my chest. I love toys, I love to steal kumquats from our front yard and often I get in trouble for chewing and eating pieces of stuff like towels, pillow cases,carpets. l do that when I feel ignored, so Juanes don’t ignore my petition … please write us a song!

-And since I am so pretty, I think I have the right to make another petition to another Colombia singer and song writer: JUAN FERNANDO FONSECA to gift us One his Happy songs to party all night long…

Hello! I am JENNY (Happy’s mother, the pretty girl writing before me) .Unfortunately, I have to say I am not surprised humans do not write many song to us … some of them can actually be very mean to us …

-I was given as gift to a couple of children, My first family got me with enthusiasm at the spur of the moment because I was a very cute looking back and white puppy Lhasa Apso. Like is the case with a lot of furry friends that end up in shelters once the newness wears off, I was neglected and abused.

-Luckily I got a second chance and now I live with my daughter in our forever home with Juanes the detective. He says I am his girlfriend.

– I will like PINK American dancer, singer, song writer and Animal Rights Activist to gifts us a song or two, or three .. .I know she really cares about us … So … what about us ? Pinky ! … What about us Juanes?

I am PINKY BOY, a mini pin with deer looks to some and with kangaroo looks to others. I am our home’s second best guard dogs. I have been receiving a lot of training with Petey, my cousin and next door neighbor. I used to be very shy, not very comfortable around humans or other dogs, but with a lot of patience and persistence my trainer Robin has helped me built confidence and trust so I might joint my brother Juanes on his work as therapist.

-I don’t know about women but I think men don’t compose songs to us because they think, that is something a macho men will not do.

-I will like BARBRA STREISAND to gift me a song .. .l know of her love for dogs because I know she adored Samantha “Sammie” and I know she will really understands my performance anxiety.

-So… Juanes, I read somewhere only real men wear Pink, now let’s show the world real men can also dedicate songs to their canine pals.

My name is SCOOBY DI. I was named this way because my color is like Scooby Do and Di because I am a lady and we wanted to remember and honor Lady Di (Princess Diana) but later everybody thought the Di part really fit me well because I am a Diva, like Maria Callas.

-I love to hear myself barking, and I love it more when I inspire my six canine family members and all our doggie neighbors to join me, although it causes headaches to everybody. I don’t really care to know why humans have not gifted are more songs, all care is to help them get inspire to do it. I will love LADY GAGA to compose us a song… or two. I think she is awesome and has a big heart… I have the feeling she will understand my love for barking !, same way she has passion for singing and performing.

-So, Juanes, listen to me … get us a song or else I will never stop barking …

My name is Wallie… I have been feeling too lazy… I have not done my homework for my cousins website… but I will get to it someday…

GOOD NEWS! Cousin Juanes detective,

The Russian World Cup got me inspired, as being of Colombian descent (my human adoptive parents are from Colombia), my brother (Milo) and I have been jumping high up and down in our living room with soccer passion as my family and their friends scream GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAL when Colombian selection scores a GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAL…

So Juanes, rock star we will like you to write a song for us… with the same affection your people experience soccer …with all their hearts. Now let me tell you a little bit about me. I am a Coker Poodle Mix, bloodline high pedegree, my parents and brother say, (may be I am not) but I almost believe it because of the conviction in their voices when they say it.

My brother Milo (whom you will get to meet below me in this page) and myself came from a Ranch far, far far away in Nuevo California. I was the first to be rescued. A woman that lived in the Ranch told my parents, my owner then was a grouchy man, with weird habits whom in the morning used to give me a “lovely kick, just because”

I guess I knew I had to find someone else to love me, so that day, I followed my current dad all day long while they were visiting my dad’s friend’s Ranch. How happy I was when by the end of the day, the woman said that if they did not take me, the coyotes, might take me later for a joy ride, until today I don’t really know what they meant but I am afraid, it was not something good. As you will find out  later, my brother’s Milo destiny was also changed when my parents visited the same Ranch about 6 months later. Now we have a forever home. We were supposed to be outside dogs, but in no time we became inside dogs and now we even sleep with our parents in their master bedroom. We are pure dogs filled with love and know we know the meaning of a morning hug, instead of a morning kick.

We all my my parents, my two human brothers and my brother usually get up early morning, we have breakfast together, always waiting on the table sides for and extra-bite, that little yummy one. We escort our mother all day long, we shadow her every where she goes.

At 3pm our human brothers come, we accompany them to do their homework but at around  4 pm is our play time, we play tag, hide and seek, catch the ball.

At around 5 pm we can smell from a distance dad is coming back from work. We love to watch TV and our parents often play for me and my brother Beverly Hill chi hua hua. We know it by heart now.

At last but not least, I will like to ask J Balvin, Colombian Reggaeton singer, born in Medellin, Antioquia to compose and sing a song for us dogs.

My name is Milo, and I am still “milando” (mirando, in Spanish, looking out in English) for inspiration to sent my petition to Juanes. The problem is my brother Wallie, he always wants to be playing, but does not like to sit and do his homework.

Is his fault, Juanes !, but sooner or later we will get to it. We know of you because my family listen to your music and I have seeing a picture you took with my 2 human brothers when they were little.


Hold on, I am Milo and now is my turn to tell my story. I am Terrier Poodle Mix, and as with my brother and for same reason I believe I come from a Dog Survivors high Pedegree bloodline. You see a dog’s bloodline is a tale of lineage, it tells you the story of direct family members that have been before it. Unfortunately we came from an irresponsible dog breeder and my mom, the survivor champion had litters of puppies that were neglected and abused.

I met my parents when they came back to visit their friend’s Ranch again, that day I was literally having a hairy day as someone had given me an awkward hair cut. Which looking back, was probably was a good thing, since it caught the eyes of my human family, whom knowing from Wallie’ s experience my life in that Ranch was not going to be very long , offered to take me home with them. I feel grateful, I got a forever home with lots of love and care. We even have Justin and Felix, our human step-sisters that come to stay with us, when our human family goes on vacation and they cannot take us with them. We are also fortunate of having 8 dog cousins (including Juanes detective), human uncles and aunts and many human friends that visit our parent’s home and are in love with my brother Wallie and me.

So Juanes the rock start, although I feel happy and lucky I found my forever home. I will love you to compose a song to the all the other homeless pets in the world, to remind humans that saving a pet might not change the world, but for those pets their lives will be changed furrrr ever.

And finally, I will like to ask Juan Carlos Ozuna Rosado, the Puerto Rican Reggaeton singer to compose a song for the less fortunate of us in the world. I think he really understands us, as he grew up very poor and was mainly raised by his paternal grandmother. His father was fatally shot when he was only three years old, his mother was not financially stable to raise him but always was there for him, he let us know on his “Odisea” song. So let it be for all humans and pets… that despite poverty, we all find love.

Helloooo ! My name is PERLITA (little Pearl in Spanish). I am a Shih Tzu,which in Chinese means lion dog but in reality my personality is not that of the King of the jungle at all. I am just the opposite, very sweet and friendly.  My favorite thing in life is to play with my human family and I also enjoy going on walks with my dog friends through the city. If you were to meet me I will be able to melt your heart with my big eyes inviting you to play with me.

I love to listen to J Balvin, the way he sings really entertains me and I will like him to compose a song to me and my friends and I also like to join my cousin Juanes the dog detective on his mission pawsible by asking Juanes the rock star to treat us with a song. I can already picture myself and my dog friends going on walks, barking J Balvin and Juanes ‘s songs.

I have no doubts in my mind, that if they both were to look deep into my eyes, they will find the inspiration to write and play the songs we are barking for… so J Balvin and Juanes… (and here I am using my roaring lion voice): LOOK INTO MY EYES! with LOVE.

My name is “La Princesa” (princess in English), I have a free spirit, like a gypsy. I come and go, I work at a gas station but I make my own schedule. I know when all the girls that work with me need protection. You could say I am their body guard.

I usually work night shift and then take long daily naps.

They all love me, give me baths and take me to the veterinary doctor for check ups. Some days I escort my boss to a family restaurant so he can have his lunch… I patiently wait for him outside, hoping he will get me a treat.

While I am resting I have been thinking and thinking, whom I will like to ask a song for dogs, and since I am a princess I finally chose Ana Gabriela, Mexican singer and composer to write a song for the gypsy dogs in the world and I will like her to sing it with Vicente “Chente” Fernandez “The King (since I am a princess) of Ranchera Music” and with his son Alejandro Fernandez.

And for you Juanes, my idea will be to compose a Ranchera song for dogs, who knows a Ranchera Rock song for dogs, wow !

My name is “LUNA”, I am a 7 year old French Poodle. My favorite thing to do is to give kisses to my two human sisters and cuddle with them. I am just a bit spoiled. I also love eating papaya and travel in my family’s car. I get really scared with thunderstorms and fireworks but I love the moon.

Actually Juanes rock star talking about moons. I have an idea to ignite your creativity…if you look at a full moon, you will have no problem composing a song for dogs, I know of your love for moons … because I found out, I am one of your two daughter’s name twin.

And Juanes, I love for you and Ariana Grande, the incredible talented singer, actress,composer  and the ultimate DOG MOM to continue to advocate in the company of her adopted furry children: Toulouse, Strauss, Coco, Cinnamon,Fawkes Kitty, Sirius Black, Ophelia and Lafayette for all the homeless pets and in shelters all around the world so each one of them will get loving pet parents and forever homes…. what a great mission that is going to be: bark4songs, bark4homes … that is the way to go….

My name is BRUTUS, I am Chihuahua mix, I am a little unpredictable, I pick up and chose my friends, but in no time at all we are friends, sometimes I get on the wrong paw with people, because I feel it is my duty to protect my family.

I will like ADELE, to write a song for us, because I always liked her from the get go, and I would like Juanes the rock start to sing a duet with her, the songs that they are going to dedicate to us.

Hi, I am CUJOE, another Chihuahua mix, I am nothing like the Cujoe from the movies…I am very sweet, and kind. People say I do not have mean bone in my body. I am a lover not a fighter.

As a singer I would love to have “old blue eyes” Frank Sinatra send me a love song from heaven.

For Juanes the rock start: I kindly ask you to compose a love song to us.

I am IRON MAN, I look like a small black box with 4 legs. I am really small but really brave. I am for a challenge anytime until you prove you are trustworthy.

I will like the group  IMAGINE DRAGONS to gift me a song. Juanes I am also a “Believer” that you are going to listen to our barks for songs.

Hello world, I am a tiny, almost microscopic real Chihuahua, named LITTLE BIT.

I will like DOLLY PARTON to gift me a song. I heard her song “Me and little Andy” about a little girl and her puppy whom both went to heaven… it touched my heart, but I will like her song to me, to be about Sandy and little Andy puppy coming back to earth to play with me a “ little bit”

So Juanes, I encourage you to listen to the “Me and little Andy” song ; think about me and give me a song with a “little bit” more joy.

Hello, Hi fives, my name is PETEY. I am an Australian Shepherd. In my younger days I was quite a hellion but now approaching my third birthday, people say I am becoming quite a gentleman, since I am in training to be a therapy dog.

Leaving my rock and roll days behind to my younger brother Henry I am enjoying the relaxing sounds of MICHAEL BUBLE.

So Junes, listening him singing the song Quando, Quando, Quando, I am asking you: Cuando, cuando, cuando are you going to treat us with a song….

I am HENRY, an Australian Cattle Dog, I am nine months old and full of energy, a trait true to my breed. However, believe it or not; I am working hard taking classes to help me leave my puppyish ways behind me, as I see my older brother Petey, I want to follow in his paw prints to become a therapy dog.

I have been watching videos of Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley and they are helping me improve on my hip movements as I squirm and wiggle greeting people as I remember “Elvis The Pelvis” singing and dancing “You ain’t nothin’ but a Hound Dog”…”that’s a Thriller !!!”

So SHAKIRA, as you will understand if you were to meet me… “Hips Don’t Lie”… and I will inspire you to write a song to us.

So Juanes, I dare you to compose a song to make me dance like Shakira, Elvis and Michael.

I am LEROY, an Australian Cattle Dog, and I am waiting for inspiration to write my petition to my favorite singer songwriter and to Juanes the rock star.

My name is BELLA. I am a Maltese Yorkie, very spoiled and pick eater. I am the cutest sweet lap dog, with silky hair. I am the happiest when I am with my human family. I have fun chasing birds, stealing socks and barking and teasing my cousin German Shepherd Majesty. My family think I am lazy but I am just very good at relaxing and I can teach you how if you wish to learn.

I will like American-Hispanic singer and actress Selena Gomez to compose a song for all her rescue dogs… and me.

And thank you Juanes I know you will be thinking of all of us too…woof… woof…

Hello, we are LUCKY and ELVIS, Toy Poodles, and since our Dads know toys are in our genes, they  buy  plenty of them, we love to bring them in our beds and play with them all day. Our favorite activity after our morning walk to the park is to run inside our house chasing and stealing toys from each other. At the end of the day we are usually exhausted and we pass out in the arms of one of our Dads. We bring happiness to our home and we are just a little spoiled 😉  Greenies are our favorite treats and help to keep our teeth clean.

Our favorite music is Indian Bollyhood and classical as well. So Juanes we dare you to compose a song to us that then we can play on a Bollywood film about dogs. Did you know, there are several famous  Bollyhood stories about us already ?… check it out online. Of course Juanes with your help we are going to create an awesome one as well…

And last but not least we have another challenge for you Juanes: How about a classical song about dogs… ? we could do the premier with Gustavo Dudamel at the Disney Hall concert in Los Angeles. We are telling you this concert is going to be packed …we could even invite Cesar Milan as our pack leader… How about that Juanes ? Come on… play with us !

Hi fives !

My name is WINSTON LUIS and my favorite nickname is “El Catire”. I am an American Pitbull Terrier whom takes pride on being a fine Ambassador to my breed. I am gentle and friendly, yet I spend most of my days on patrol watching out and protecting my family from those skunks that sometimes want to invade our home. In, fact, that’s my second most important job. My first, is to play patient to my beloved human sister Gabriela, whom plans to become a veterinarian someday.  I feel lucky to be a part of a wonderful family who takes care of me just as much as I do take care of them. I enjoy the sunshine and running free on the park.

I also enjoy good music as my family plays it out loud. My favorite artist right now is ED SHEERAN. I would  love him to compose a song to The Misunderstood Pitbulls.  I will also like  for him to collaborate for a second song for dogs with PITBULL, the American Rapper (AKA Mr Worldwide) and travel giving concerts for all the dog lovers in the globe.

So Juanes, because of  The Shape of You, I know… I can tell, you will also love to  dedicate a song to all of us, working dogs, because I think our spirit must be praised and rewarded and… to all my doggie and human friends out there, MUCH LOVE !

Hi!, I am COCO (also go by Coco Chanel), a Maltipoo. I like to be the only furry child at home. I don’t mind being by myself, I entertain myself with toys and don’t really care to go out much,unless they take me to a swimming pool or to walk only around the block. I hate going to the groomer and flies drive me nuts.

I have two favorite singers Alejandro Fernandez and  Stevie Nicks. We know of Stevie Nicks love for dogs and her life-partner puppy Shulamith (which means peaceful), a Chinese Crested Yorkshire terrier mix, she was often photographed in Stevie Nicks arms. Shulamith lived to be 17 years old and passed in 2016.

I also know Alejandro Fernandez loves dogs and he has said that after he comes back home from his tours he looks forward to spent time with his dogs on his hammock. I will like Stevie Nicks to compose a song for us dogs and the sing it with Alejandro Fernandez.

And Juanes I will also love for you to dedicate us dogs a song. If you do I will share my toys with you, how about that ?